Minimum deposit requirements

There are no minimum deposit requirements for the Start tariff. Additional bonuses, including reduced commissions, interest on deposits, Islamic accounts, etc., are possible only on Standard and Pro services, for accounts over $ 1000.

SWAP accrual rules

From Wednesday to Thursday, SWAP is taken in triple volume. SWAP is not charged on weekends

For FX instruments, SWAP is fixed, for major currency pairs around 1, (0) pips. You can see the exact value at the current time in the trading terminal;

The fee is taken for moving the position to the next day. But it provides for the accrual of interest on the deposit up to 10% per annum on free funds in US dollars.

For other instruments (stocks, commodities, indices) SWAP is floating, depending on the market situation. From 1 to several pips, on average, about half of the spread for a specific instrument.

When using a Pro account, no SWAP is charged for two months, instead a one-time commission on volume is charged – USD 30 per 1 lot for FX, 0.3% for metals, 0.4% for stocks and 0.5% for commodities.

Withholding and accrual of interest on the deposit

The deposit is charged daily interest up to 10% per annum in US dollars according to the compound interest scheme with daily capitalization, if the equity of the current day is more than $ 1,000 and at least one deal was closed. At the end of the month, interest is deposited into the account and can be claimed. In this case, an IR entry is made in the journal and the amount of accrued interest.

If during 6 consecutive months on an account opened remotely, i.e. via the Internet, not a single or several transactions were made for the minimum trading volume = 3 standard lots, a one-time fee is charged for those. maintenance of a “non-trading account” – at the rate of $ 25 per month. At the same time, the Account fee and the amount for maintaining the account are recorded in the journal. Accounts over $ 2,500 are exempt from this commission. In the event that the account did not work for an incomplete six months, a partial withdrawal of fees for those. support in proportion.

For non-trading accounts opened through off-line representative offices, i.e. through the company’s offices, the amount of monthly tech. maintenance of the account is $ 100 (in the absence of a minimum trade turnover within six months). Accounts over $ 10,000 are exempt from this commission.