The PAMM system from Trust-Markets is a reliable way to invest your funds in transactions of other traders without any restrictions on the minimum or maximum investment amount. Each investment can be made from 1 to hundreds of thousands of dollars in real time.

How to become a PAMM Investor

Each Trust-Markets client with a registered trading account can become a PAMM-Investor. Immediately after registration, your trading account becomes a PAMM-Investor account. This means that in addition to the usual trading functions, a range of PAMM system services becomes available to you. That provides for the possibility of investing in the accounts of managing traders. As well as access to monitoring. You can make an investment within the first minutes after registering in the PAMM system. However, before real actions within the framework of the PAMM system, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with all the capabilities of the PAMM system. And also start investing with insignificant amounts for you in order to research and study the PAMM system in practice.

Tip: in order to study all stages of investment and return of funds, you can invest a minimum amount of $ 1. This will allow you to see in practice all the stages of investing funds in the account of the Managing Trader, and make sure that the principles of calculating the share and profit are correct..


What is the PAMM contact information that is filled in after the application for participation in the PAMM system and why is it needed?

This information will be communicated to your investment counterparties. If you invest money or money is invested in you, you automatically receive the contact information of the other party and vice versa. This allows you to provide communication between participants in investment operations, since the company acts only as an intermediary in the technical part, guaranteeing a return of funds and a Trader’s interest, but without affecting other areas of interaction between the Trader and the Investor.

What should be the account currency to participate in PAMM?

At the moment, only dollar accounts can be registered in the Trust-Markets PAMM system. In case you do not have a dollar account, you can open one in real time on the company’s website.

Accordion Panel

The status of the application “Awaiting synchronization” means that your investment will be credited shortly. The investment crediting time is fixed and takes place on average once an hour..

I am a PAMM trader, why didn't my balance increase after accepting a new investment??

Immediately after clicking the “Accept investment” button, the investment status changes to “Awaiting synchronization”, which means that you need to wait for a while until the investment is credited to the account. If there are other investments pending synchronization, they will be credited to the account at the same time.

What are the guarantees that the PAMM trader will not lose my money?

The Trust-Markets PAMM account system does not guarantee the profitability of Managed Traders’ trading. It is designed to provide technical support for interaction between traders and investors, which includes automatic monitoring of PAMM-Traders’ accounts, receiving and refunding funds in a fully automated mode. Thus, the system guarantees the protection of your funds from being withdrawn by a PAMM trader. Moreover, the system guarantees that you can receive your funds from the PAMM-trader’s account on demand within 30-60 minutes after placing the application (depending on the moment at which point between synchronizations you make a request for a refund).

Can a PAMM trader withdraw my invested funds??

The Trust-Markets PAMM account system protects investors from the risk of a PAMM trader withdrawing their funds. A PAMM trader can withdraw only a part of his share in the PAMM account that is not involved in transactions.

Could it be that an investor's order for his funds to be returned will lead to an instant stop-out on the PAMM trader's account?

If the share of investors on the account is more than 90% and their number is small or even equal to one, then such a risk exists. However, the PAMM system allows you to accept funds for Management from hundreds of PAMM traders, which means the possibility of having shares from hundreds of investors on one trading account, the probability of a one-time withdrawal of funds is very low and is inversely proportional to the number of attracted investors.

Is it possible to register a partner account in the PAMM system?

Partner accounts can be registered in the PAMM system as PAMM partners and PAMM investors. To register in the PAMM system as a managing trader, a partner needs to open a trading account with the company.

Where can I see the current profit that I can withdraw from the PAMM trader's account?

In your personal account, you need to select “PAMM-system” in the main menu, then on the page that opens, follow the link “My investments”. However, for the investor it is possible to withdraw only the ENTIRE investment. If you plan to withdraw funds from a PAMM trader’s account in different parts, you need to make several smaller investments in his account. This will allow you to withdraw each investment separately.

Is the service of notifying a PAMM trader about new investments by SMS free of charge?

Yes, the service is free, but no more than 10 SMS per day can be sent to one account.

Can a PAMM investor also be the owner of an affiliate account through which a PAMM trader's account is opened?

At the moment, there are no restrictions on receiving commissions from PAMM accounts. However, such accounts are subject to the general rules of the affiliate program Trust-Markets.

I am a PAMM-Trader, can I change the size of the commission I charge on profit for managing my invested funds?

The amount of the commission charged is set by you when registering an account in the PAMM system. Also, the size of the commission can be changed at any time in the PAMM-cabinet. However, the changes will not affect existing investments and will only apply to new investments. In addition, you can use the option to create several different investment conditions and commission rates. Thus, the PAMM-investor will have a choice of up to 5 different investment conditions at the same time.

I am a PAMM-Investor, I have sent an investment application. The PAMM trader does not accept it, but does not refuse either. What is the validity period of the application and when will the investment amount be returned to my trading account?

If the PAMM-trader does not take any action to receive the application within 72 hours (3 days), it will automatically return to your PAMM-investor’s trading account. Also, as a PAMM investor, you can return the investment ahead of schedule if it has not yet been approved by the PAMM trader.

Is it possible to withdraw profit from an investment without recalling the investment itself?

Yes, you can. To return part of your profit, you should use the “Rollover” option, which is available in the investment section of the PAMM-cabinet. This option is active, provided that there is a profit in investment, it can be used by both a PAMM trader and a PAMM investor.

What is rollover in the Trust-Markets PAMM system?

Rollover is an operation to withdraw profit from an investment without recalling the investment itself. As part of the rollover, profit is also distributed between the PAMM investor and the PAMM trader in accordance with the established percentage of profit distribution.

Is it possible for a PAMM-trader to disable the PAMM service (cancel his participation in monitoring)?

In your personal account, you can activate the “Hide account in monitoring” function, which allows you to remove an account from monitoring. If you want to register in the PAMM system in a different role (for example, not a PAMM investor, but a PAMM trader or vice versa), you just need to open a new trading account. Trust-Markets has no limit on the number of trading accounts that can be opened.

Can I invest bonus funds into the PAMM-trader's account?

Yes, you can, in whole or in part. At the moment there is only one limitation – the bonus cannot be left on the trading account if the entire deposit has been invested in the PAMM trader’s account. In this case, the bonus will be canceled.

What personal data of an investor does a PAMM-trader see?

The PAMM trader sees the investor’s account number, as well as his phone number and e-mail, which he indicated when registering in the PAMM system.

What personal data of a trader is seen by a PAMM-investor?

Before investing, the PAMM investor sees in the monitoring the account number of the PAMM trader, the name of his project, ICQ and Yahoo addresses (always), as well as the name and e-mail of the trader, if he has allowed them to be shown. It is possible to display additional information after investing.

Can a bonus be received on a PAMM trader's account??

Yes, a bonus can be received on the PAMM-trader’s account.

Can an account that has already received a bonus register as a PAMM-trader account? And what will happen to the bonus?

An account with a bonus can be registered as a PAMM trader account. The bonus will not be canceled, but will be counted as a PAMM trader’s funds.

Where can an investor see the amount of commission charged on profits set by the trader?

In the monitoring table. If the investment has already been made, then you can also look at the section “My investments”.

How long will it take for the funds deposited by the account holder to be displayed in the PAMM account monitoring?

On average, within 1 hour for the schedule, within 5-10 minutes for monitoring.

How is the loss divided between the trader and the investor? In the amount of their shares participating in the trade or in accordance with the distribution of profits?

The loss is divided in proportion to the shares of the investors and the trader in the account. The percentage of the profit that the trader charges for managing funds is not taken into account here.

Can the statistics of the profitability of a PAMM project, reflected on the widget, not coincide with the data in the monitoring?

Several types of widgets are available to Trust-Markets clients. Including widgets reflecting the statistics of the profitability of PAMM projects by balance and by funds. While monitoring uses only statistics on funds to standardize data.

How often data is updated in PAMM project widgets?

Statistical data in the widgets of PAMM projects are cached once an hour, and therefore there may be a slight lag behind the data presented in monitoring.

When the funds withdrawn from the PAMM project become available for transfer?

Funds withdrawn from the PAMM project will be available for transfer 12 hours after they are credited to the account.