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What are bonds?

A bond is a debt security that secures the owner’s right to receive from the issuer a bond within a specified period of time to receive income in the form of a fixed percentage of the par value. By the type of issuer, bonds are divided into government and corporate, and by the method of payment of income, there are interest and discount bonds.

Government bonds are a type of securities that are issued by the government backed by a government guarantee. Government bonds, being one of the main debt mechanisms of the state, are mainly issued to cover the budget deficit. Government bonds include interest and discount short-term, annual and medium-term bonds.

Corporate bonds are debt securities issued by banks and other organizations for the purpose of business development and financing of current operations. Coupon corporate bonds imply the payment of a stable interest income to investors over a specified period of time and the payment of principal at the end of the term.

Tradable bonds

The company provides the following quotes for bonds prepared by market makers.

Issuer Denomination Profitability (%)  
KredAqro BOKT QSC 250 14.00  
Parabank ASC 1,000 15.00  
FİNOKO BOKT ASC 1,000 USD 15.00  
Unibank ASC 1,000 14.00  
Finanslizinq ASC 500 14.00  
Finanslizinq ASC 500 USD 14.00  
FİNEX Kredit BOKT ASC 500 USD 14.00  
Bank of Baku ASC 1,000 12.00  
AG Bank ASC 1,000 12.00  
Bakcell MMC 1,000 9.00  
AccessBank QSC 1,000 9.00  
Nikoil Bank 1,000 USD 9.50  

Emission and Dual-Listing

By providing the Dual-Listing option, the company facilitates the attraction of investments by local companies. Raising capital with billions of daily liquidity creates additional opportunities for trading securities in various financial markets and, by reducing financial costs, ensures the competitiveness of your company
Provides you with the appropriate resources for the successful implementation of the bond issue:
  • Initial Assessment and Due Diligence
  • Company presentation to investors
  • Financial analysis and planning
  • State registration of securities and listing on the stock exchange


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