A free agent is an Introducing Broker who directly attracts new traders and investors and provides first contact. Subsequently delegates services to an active broker. This option suits many. Because it doesn’t force you to use a specific business model. Therefore it can be very flexible and can work both online and offline. Or combine both.

It’s pretty easy to become a free agent . Apply for participation in the Free Agent affiliate program and register in our system. After that, you will receive a referral link and can use it to attract new traders and investors.

However, for effective attraction, it is necessary to have a decent level of knowledge about financial markets and an understanding of how this type of business is represented on the Internet. Usually, free agents receive a commission for referring a new client, which can be paid when you first make a deposit or when registering an account.

And further. For those who show good results, we also offer other more favorable conditions for calculating the commission.